Boards Are No More Fear with New Syllabus

Boards Are No More Fear with New Syllabus

School life is the most interesting phase in a student’s life. Apart from the fun and frill in classrooms with friends, there are tough phases too. Among some of the tough phases in school life, the boards are the vital ones. Class 10 boards have some less tension and stress associated with them. This is because it is the stepping stone for a bright future. Much more stress and tension are associated with class 12 boards. This becomes a very crucial time in the lives of the students. This is the time when students need to make the most challenging decisions. They need to understand and analyze their matter of interest and also find out about their strong points. Based on their personal analysis and those of teachers, they decide on choosing their streams. Some go for the science stream, while others dream of finding their careers bright with commerce. Some students may find their strength in the humanities domain. Whatever be their choices, they should actually flourish well in their lives and careers. In this journey, one thing that plays a vital role in shaping their future is the appropriate syllabus module.

The comprehensive syllabus pattern is responsible for clearing the concepts thoroughly and prepares the student for future competition. Science, Commerce, or Humanities, Computer science is a subject that is a must for every student. In this era of developing technology, every student must have computer knowledge at their fingertips to get hired in major industries near future. Class 12 Computer Science syllabus should be designed compactly and comprehensively. It should cover all the important topics and knowledge that are required nowadays. The practical knowledge should also be based on the latest technology. This would surely make the student’s future-ready.

Some Major Topics to be Covered in Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus:

  • The first unit should focus on the basics of some computer programming languages like Python. This enables the students to have ideas about the different functional arrays, string functions. It should also focus on data handling techniques and analysis, learning, and applying simple algorithms.
  • The second unit deliberately stresses learning the structures of networks like that of local networks and web platforms. The students will also learn about the knowledge of frequency modulation, the idea of routing. Checking errors in the network, along with working with email, is also common.
  • The next unit will focus on the basic law and ethics related to computer technology. An important aspect here is intellectual property rights. It also deals with the laws related to cybercrimes and their prevention, internet scams, and more. This unit shall educate the students about waste management in the niche of electrical gadgets.

The new syllabus gives equal stress on the lab activities, along with the theory portion. The students shall be entitled to give lab tests based on programming languages. They would also be given the responsibility of completing their programming language-related activities and prepare practical files. Along with these, some marks are also given on viva performance.