Build EVM Powered Cryptocurrency like ETH or BNB

In the evolving realm of blockchain technology, creating your cryptocurrency has never been more accessible. With just one command and your unique coin name replacing “newtum,” you can forge ahead into the future of decentralized finance. Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead!.

Unzipping the Source Code


Build Command

  go build -o newtum .

Execute the command “go build -o [YourCoinName].” Don’t overlook the dot at the end; it signifies your current directory. Get ready to embark on an empowering journey into decentralized finance! Stay tuned for more details

Initializing Coin Directory

./newtum secrets init --data-dir ~/.newtum

Once you’ve built your cryptocurrency with the command “go build -o [YourCoinName],” the next step is initializing your coin directory. Execute “./newtum secrets init –data-dir ~/.newtum” to set the foundation for your crypto venture. This crucial initialization process ensures a smooth start, laying the groundwork for a secure and efficient cryptocurrency. Get ready to shape the future of finance with confidence! 🌐💼 #CryptoInitiation #BlockchainEmpowerment #FutureFinance

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