Pascal Triangle In Python Using the Powers of 11

We are writing a program called Pascal Triangle in Python to use the power of the number 11. 11 raised to a power of 1, 2, 3, etc. would form the Pascal Triangle sequence. To illustrate,

110 = 1,
111 = 11,
112 = 121,
113 = 1331,
114 = 14641.

This is the logic behind the program we are going to write for printing a Pascal Triangle in Python Using the Powers of 11. This one is the most optimized. Here is what the program looks like.

# Print Pascal's Triangle in Python
# input n
n = 5
# iterarte upto n
for i in range(n):
	# adjust space
	print(' '*(n-i), end='')
	# compute power of 11
	print(' '.join(map(str, str(11**i))))

How is Writing a Pascal Triangle in Python Useful?

The multiplication table in Python helps users carry out the task of printing complex multiplication tables of numbers. These programs also help learners understand complex concepts like loops, functions, and recursions.

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