Continue Statement in C

What is a continue statement in C?

Continue is also a loop control statement just like the break statement. The continue statement is opposite to that of a break statement.

Continue Statement in C Programming In real life, we have a scenario where we need to execute the loops from the start. The C Programming has a “Continue” Feature. Let’s see how to use that. The continue statement is used to re-execute the loop from the start. It’s like we initialized the loop again.

It’s gonna be super fun to learn the continued feature of C Programming. This blog demonstrates Decrements in a loop in C Programming. To learn more about C Programming and its history, please read this blog first, “C Programming Complete Guide“.

Multiplication Table Using Continue Statement in C

We can print any multiplication table using Continue Statement For Loop in C Program. Well, let’s write the program for this.

Declaring Variables in C Program

Here, we will declare 3 variables i, input, and result. We will declare one more variable, “response,” as a character like this. We have printf statements, followed by the scanf statement to accept user input. To make it more friendly, we will add a few statements using printf. Now your program will be more user-friendly to understand the user.

Program Logic to continue statement in For Loop in C Program.

Then we will write FOR loop. Inside FOR loop, we will calculate the multiplication. Print using printf statement to display the result.

    int i, input, result; 
    char response;
    printf("Execute Multiplication program\n");
    printf("Enter number : ");
    scanf("%d", &input);
    for(i=1; i<=10;i++)
        result = input * i;
        printf("%d * %d = %d\n",input,i,result);

We will display the print with the value of i , input and then result, just like we used to write in our home workbooks. Just execute it.


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