C Programming: Complete Guide 2020

C Programming is a structural programming language mostly used for System drivers and components development. Almost all operating systems like Windows, Linux and Max have used C Programming language at some point.

C Programming is a must language to learn for kids if they want to enter the programming world. C Programming teaches basic concepts to kids which are crucial if they want to learn anything. In future kids will program Games, System Softwares, Blockchain and AI. All these things will be easy if they learn C Programming

As per the current scenario in 2019, C Langauge is the must learn programming language. For learning any other programming language then like Java, Python or PHP, it’s recommended that you should learn C language. It’s is the base for learning any other computer language.

History of C Programming Language

C was developed at At & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie.

C was reliable, simple and easy to use. It solved most of the problems faced during that time. Eventually, C becomes the most popular programming language from that time.

Most of the microcontroller devices like Owen, Washing Machine, refrigerator, Cars gadget are programmed using this Language.

As the computing and processing power increased many new Programming languages like C++, Java was invented. C++ and Java are OOP’s based, but there core logic is written on the principles of C Lanague concepts like Variable, Loops, If and else, etc.

Major operating systems from that time are using C language to develop drivers like Audio and Video Drivers. Almost every operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux (Ubuntu/UNIX) use C programming to develop system components to date.

Why It’s Important to learn?

How to Learn C Programming in 2019 - Newtum

It’s is the best language to understand basic concepts of programming like Constants, Variables, If and Else, Loops, Pointers, Array, Structure and many more.

No operating system, cryptocurrency, audio, and video drivers can be a developer without using C language concepts.

It’s the Base and King of all the language. See how?

It’s a base because take any other programming language in the world, they will use the basic concepts which are best explained in C and no other language.

No other language can develop core drivers, system components like C Language can do. But all the other languages require drivers, system components to run. So I am saying C is the king of all the languages.

How to Learn C Language

Watch Amazon Prime, yes it’s true but only in the UK and US. For details refer to this URL.

Learn C Programming on Amazon Price. It’s fun and easy. Buy the series on Amazon Prime

You can learn this language with Amazon prime subscription. It’s a web series design in such a way that even freshers or kids can understand C Language.so that everyone can now understand C

Online and Offline Course

C Programming online course or offline course(Computer Institute) or a mix of the same.
For starters, the best option will be to go for an online course that uses the latest tools like the “code block”, because this is very very important.

Buy a Book.

This is not every time advisable if you don’t have earlier experience with Computers or Programming language. Self-study is good, but with C Programming you need some to guide you through practicals.

It’s better to go for an online video tutorial or offline course around your place

How C Language Works

Like every other language of computer C also requires compiling and execution. What we see while writing programs cannot be understood by computers. And the computer cannot understand our instruction in plain English.

So whatever program you write is first compiled by C Compiler. This process is called compiling. Compiling checks for the errors. If no error found it’s converted into machine level language.

Machine level language is easily understood by the computer. The computer behaves as per the instruction in the machine level language. This is termed as execution.

Important things to learn in C Programming

  • Variables and Constants
  • If and else statements
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Pointers
  • Array – Single and Multi Dimensions
  • Strings
  • Structure
  • File Handling
  • Graphics
  • and many many more…

Tools for writing C Programming Language

Code Blocks & Installation on Mac, Windows

code blocks how to learn c programming

The best tool we will suggest is Code Blocks, well there is a big reason for that. First of all, it’s free. Code blocks run on Windows, Mac, and Linux you just need to get the right compile version. A code block is also open source. All of this makes CodeBlocks an ideal choice.


Turbo C and C++ (Outdated)

Turbo C and Turbo C++ are the most popular tool every used to program C Language. But now it’s outdated. It won’t run on the latest version of Window, hence it could be the wrong choice in the long run. But still many engineering colleges, graduation colleges, and computer institutes use the same tool. We don’t know why.

Netbeans and other heavy tools

Netbeans supports many other languages like Java, PHP, etc. It’s compatible with the latest operating system. But the problem is it’s very heavy. It takes too much time to open, build compile, etc. If you have a very strong machine and you are working on multiple languages simultaneous then its a good choice for you.


What is C Programming

C was developed at At & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie.

C Programming is a structural programming language used for System drivers and components development. Every operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac uses C Programming language to develop drives and components.

It’s is the best language to learn to understand basic concepts of programming like Constants, Variables, If and ElseLoops, Pointers, Array, Structure and many more.

It’s proven that people who go for courses like Java, C++, and .Net without learning C find it difficult to understand the advanced programming languages.

C Programming Season 1 Banner Image by Newtum

How to Learn C Programming in the United States

To learn C Langauge in the United States, just log in to Amazon Prime and watch C Programming Series over there. You can buy it or watch free if you have Amazon Prime Membership

How to Learn C Programming in the United Kingdom

To learn C Langauge in the United Kingdom, just log in to Amazon Prime or Newtum Website. Watch C programming series over there. At the newtum, you will have to buy the series. On Amazon, if you have prime membership you can watch it for free or you can buy the complete series from Amazon Prime.

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