C Programming For Beginners

Why it’s important to learn C Programming for Beginners

Before understanding C Programming for Beginners, let’s try to understand why programming is a must for all of us to learn. We are living in a world where apart from Air, Water, and Food, we need two other important things to survive. One is  Mobile/Laptop, and the other is the internet.

Since Mobile and Laptop is important, the technology behind it much more important. When I am saying technology, what I mean is Programming. I am not talking about tools to create games or some pre-built software like paint or AutoCAD or music players.

Programming is like ABCD. If you want to do any technical work in the IT industry, you need to learn how to program. Forget about technical work; even if you get a job in IT Companies, your aptitude is tested with the help of C Programming Questions. It doesn’t matter what role they are offering to you guys; please exclude HR and Admin Jobs.


Keys Benefits for Learning C Programming for Beginners

By Beginners, I don’t mean by age. My definition of beginners is anyone who wants to work in the Software Industry. Whether you are 14 Year school going kid, 21 Years Graduated Young Man ready to go for Job or any professional who is tired of their job and wants to get an entry into white-collar jobs.

  • You improve your logical and Reasoning Skills. Programming involves lots of if and else. You need to solve many real-life problems while learning C Programming. This improves your logical thinking.
  • People with Programming skills understand how a computer works. This helps them to use the software tools effectively. Giving them an edge over colleagues while using Administrative software like SAP, Accounting, CRM, ERP, etc.
  • Benefit in Campus interview over other candidates. If you are preparing for an interview, then having knowledge of any programming language helps you to answer the Technical Aptitude question effectively.
  • Want to launch a tech startup, and you are using Fiverr guys to do your job or using a contractor from Upwork. That’s a good way to go. But having a knowledge of programming will help you to deal and negotiate properly and help you to save your hard-earned money. And the best thing is that no one will fool you with a surprise bug and extra timeline.

Programming For Beginners – Language to learn

Programming For Beginners - Language to learn
Programming For Beginners – Language to learn

The IT industry and the software world are very wast. No individual can learn all the languages and software development tools available in the market. So, where to start? Before speaking of any particular language like C, C++, Python, or Java, you need to learn the concepts. Concepts like Variables, Constants, If and Else, and For Loop are common among all the languages.

These concepts are common among all the programming languages. So if you want to become a web developer or mobile app developer, you will have to learn all these concepts. And the best coding language for beginners to get understand this concept very well is C Programming Langauge.

Current Problems in Learning C Programming Language

Well, almost every curriculum, every university, and every college understand the importance of C Coding Language. As a result, they have included C Programming as a part of the curriculum.

Two Major Problems while Learning C Programming in Schools/Colleges

  1. Students are learning this for the sake of examination, which brings out the sole purpose of Programming language.
  2. The second problem is not all the professors who teach the foundation course of C Programming are not industry experts.

So how and where to Learn C Programming Language

There are many places and ways you can learn C Programming Language. But to teach Programming to beginners, we are mentioning 3 important ways so that you will have a strong foundation for future learning.

1. Consult an industry expert like an elder brother, parents, etc.

If you have any senior person or relatives who are working in the IT industry, then you could be lucky. The best part is since they are in IT, they understand C Programming very well. In some parts of their life, they must have done the course in C Programming. Now with some years of experience, they know the industry standards and practices.

The only problem with them is they may not be disciplined in teaching you. They want to teach, but they might be so occupied with their project and extra hours working that they will helpless.

2. Watch on Amazon Prime in the US and UK.

This is the best part. Many people have amazon prime membership. You can ask your parents about that. This is mostly used for watching movies, series, etc. But now, it can be used to learn C Programming from the comfort of your home. But the only concern is they are available only in the US and UK.

If you want to watch them, you can follow this link.

  1. C Programming Series on Amazon in the US
  2. C Programming Series on Amazon in the UK

The above links are of the C Programming web series that is available to Amazon Prime Members. You can watch the trailers of the series over here

3. Buy Course content on Newtum.com specially design for Programming for Beginners

Well, if you don’t have someone working in the software industry or if they don’t have time, you can switch on Amazon Prime. But if you are not in the USA and UK, then you can log in to Newtum and opt for C Programming Course and directly buy the complete course at the mere cost of 15$ USD. Nothing will be cheaper than this. This is the best place to learn C Programming for Beginners.

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