Begin the Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids – Why?

I will try to explain to you why Begin the Coding for Kids or Programming for Kids is so important. It’s the need of hour ever before. Before Moving Further, let’s look at the trailer. Trailer of the Video Series Being Launched for Kids to Start Learning Coding at throwaway prices

Well, computers, mobile, and tabs have penetrated our world like ever before. The reason is simple, easily accessible internet, cheap mobile and other electronic devices. Thanks to JIO, data has never been so cheap for us.

With the penetration of Mobile and the Internet now, even 2-3-Year-old kids know how to use mobile and very basic apps like Basic Games and especially Youtube. They learn how to search for view their favourite songs and how to become top in the game they play.

Well, we don’t want to burden a 2-3 year child with coding. But just imagine the case of the child in the age group of 10-16 Years. They know things that you can’t imagine learning at the age of 25 or, say, 30 Years in the last decade. 

Students learn all the different types of apps and their uses. They are well aware of social networking sites. Children in the age group of 10-16 even know how to work with videos and images and edit them nicely. Well, I am dam sure even now, many adults don’t know how to do that.

How Children are learning to Use Mobile/Computer?

It’s simple they can easily access it from their parents, and you want nowadays when a child cries, Parents just switch on the Mobile and play a nice tune or video for them. The sweet tune makes them addicted to Mobile phones and Tabs. And by the age of 10, they and their subconscious mind have learned most of the things about the computer, tab, and mobile from their friends, video, and 10 other different sources.

Let’s come to coding for kids.

If they can learn so many things about computers, mobile apps, and websites, then why can’t they learn to code? Well, we think coding for kids is of the same importance as learning maths, English, or grammar.

Even if your kids don’t become a mathematician or English teachers, you still teach them; it’s been going on everywhere. Because it’s required in day-to-day life. Similarly, you need to teach coding to your kids, school and college-going students no matter what they are studying. Because in very near future it’s gonna be a part of the day to day life. We can even say it has already happened.

Why Programming for Kids is so important?

Well, assume your College going student is interested in Investment Banking or Finance, or maybe he is preparing for Chartered Accountant. Many will say no programming is required. We agree with you, but even now, every finance professional is doing some or other software to do his work. They might be using excel sheet, tally, or sap or maybe their own customized software.

But what if he knows to program?

  1. If the user child understands programming, he may think of better software that is best for their work. Great functional knowledge of some programming languages can give a lot of advantages.
  2. User child will know what the problem is in the current software system and what could be the step to resolve them. Believe me, it’s gonna be straight forward promotion even for you.

The most beautiful benefit of Programming for Kids is that?

I don’t know whether you are working, but please contact someone who is working in the software industry. And ask him what’s the importance of logic in software. He will say, in the software industry, only one thing is important, which is “Logic”. Yes, that is very true. Logic is the centre of the computer world. If you want to become a software developer, your logic and aptitude should be good.

Well, teaching coding to kids can improve the logic of your child. They will understand how the computer and mobile will work. Even if they are watching or playing games, they will know exactly what’s going inside. Just imagine what great benefits such a level of understanding of the software they are using will do. They will become true experts in whatever area they will work on in their professional life.

Programming involves around key concepts like Variables, If and Else, Loops, For Loop, Arrays, etc. Based on these basic concepts, many algorithms and projects are developed. We think learning this basic concept improves the logic of children. And even they can become the founder of the next billion-dollar company. Anything can happen in the world of the internet.

Where and How to Start?

Here we need to look at two parts. What exactly to teach them and where? Many companies and startups are working on providing technical education to children. But they could be costly. Where ever you go, you have to burn the hole in your pocket.

Newtum is the only exception. Newtum provides courses on various topics and works to create more and more content and courses for their audience.

What to choose at Newtum?

There are many options for learning to program. One way could be going for a regular course if your child is in higher school or has just started college. If your child is very small, you can go for the courses for Children option, which give detailed attention to your child’s needs and covers 5X more example compared to regular courses.

But if you are worried about money and don’t want to invest too much in that, the best way would be to go for Video only course. They are dammed cheap and equally good. You have to hardly invest Rs. 980 or up to $15 if you want your kid to start learning C Programming. These videos are great and are pretty self-explanatory, thanks to the VFX team.

Well want to try first; this is the video, completely free. The video below is the first episode of the C Programming Series. Name as Introduction to “C Programming“. The team is coming with many more courses, but for starters, you can go with C Programming. C Programming is the basic course that every programmer does. It could be during the college curriculum or during training at the company. But it’s a must-have course for your child if you want your kid to learn to program.

Well, if you don’t have any money, take a subscription to Amazon Prime or search for Newtum Videos on Amazon Prime and watch it for free. Yes, it’s absolutely free.

So there are two Ways for your Kid to learn Programming.

  1. Directly go to Newtum, log in, register, and buy the Video Course. It’s damn cheap just Rs. 980. The content is so good, believe us that you will pay Rs. 980 even if you have pirated it. Because content is good and you want the team to develop more and more content.
  2. Newtum C Programming series are available on Amazon Prime, so start watching it and keep learning.

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