How to Learn C Programming at Home

C Programming is the must-learn computer language for each and every developer. Well, many consider it to be very old and outdated, but it’s not the case. Even 99% of microcontroller programming, device programming, and hardware driver development is still developed in C Language. Even today’s sensation, bitcoin is developed on the basic principles of C and C++.

Before understanding how to learn C Language, let’s try to understand why it’s important to learn C Language.

Importance of C Programming Language

C Programming is the best language to understand basic concepts of programming like Constants, Variables, If and Else, Loops, Pointers, Array, Structure, and many more.

No operating system, cryptocurrency, audio, and video driver can be a developer without using C Programming language concepts.

The third and most important reason is if you go to any institute to learn Java, Python or maybe Mobile and Web Development, they will ask you do you know C Programming. If your answer is no, they will ask you to take a crash course on the same. It may be free or paid. But C Programming cannot be learned in a quick course, believe me.

Important things to learn in C Programming

The c programming language has many topics. Key important topics of C Programming language are.

  • Variables and Constants
  • If and else statements
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Pointers
  • Array and Structure
  • Graphic
  • File Handling and many more…

The best answer to the question is how to Learn C Programming.
This is how you can learn Programming Language.

It depends a lot on your skillset and previous knowledge.

Below is the exact answer to what you are looking for.

So How to learn C Programming & Practice at Home

  • Join a Course

Don’t try to learn every by yourself. If you are trying to learn C, it means are very new to Computer World. Learning C on your own is like learning ABC on your own. That’s difficult. The best choice will be to go on a course.

Online or Offline Course the course means you can go for a C Programming online course or offline course(Computer Institute) or a mix of the same. For starters, the best option will be to go for an online course that uses the latest tools like the “code block”, because this is very, very important.

  • Finalize your editor to Start Practicing

Many computer institutes still use Turbo C and C ++, which are too old. And that even doesn’t run on Windows 8 and 10 Properly. For Windows users, it’s a must; please don’t subscribe to any course that uses Turbo C and C++. Even if they are offering your old tool and you don’t have any other options. Then choose your own tool.

The best option will be Code Blocks, it’s free and open-source, and the best part is it’s run on all operating systems. Yes, it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Practice Well – 5 examples for each concept

For each concept you learn on your online course or offline course, you need to execute 5 examples. Yes, this is very, very important. In C programming language, as you progress, you will realize that, in C, you have 5 ways of accomplishing the same task. And you should know all the ways.

  • Study and Solve real-life problems

Well, C Programming is indeed used to teach basic concepts like Variables and Constants. But still, you can use this very simple technique to solve a problem.
1. Calculating the discount based on bill amounts
2. Printing Multiplication table as pre-user requirement etc.

What we mean to say is learning C Programming with real you to understand the basic thing in Software Industry. That is how to take the requirement of the client and how to solve his problem.

  • Execute at least one Project

The most important part, ask your guide to give you at at-least one real-life project so that you can dive into the C Programming language deeper. The project could be anything like Calculator, a Simple Billing System with Printer integration, or anything like that.

Learn C Programming in a Most simple and easy way

Well, that’s all from us. I hope you have understood and you will take your first step to start learning the C Programming language.

I have taught, mentored, and run a business for the last 10 years. But C Language has always been my favorite. Believe me, who is not well-versed in C Programming can never ever become a good developer. The only exception would be if you have learned python or something like that from scratch. But learning python or any other language without learning C Programming is very, very difficult.

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