Benefits of Learning Coding

Coding A must learn for today’s generation?

As we move from the scientifically driven world towards a brighter future, the way we communicate with machines gets easier day by day. Humans communicate with each other mainly in languages, both verbal and written. Similarly, there is a way to communicate with computers, i.e., primarily called “coding” or “computer programming.”

Types of languages in coding 

According to the online historical encyclopedia of programming languages, there are more than 8,945 coding languages created by people. But fortunately, there are only a handful which are used widely in today’s programming regime.

The categories are as follows :

  • Imperative or Procedural: Cobol, Fortran, C.
  • Functional: Haskell, Scala, Clojure.
  • Logical: Prolog, SQL.
  • Object-Oriented: Java, C++, Python.

As mentioned above, object-oriented means Front-end and back-end development coding languages which are the most used and versatile coding languages. 

Let’s learn a little bit about all of them :

  1. Java:- It is the most popular and powerful programming language for the past 2 decades as it was created in 1995 which is owned by Oracle. There are more than 3 billion devices that run Java. Used for building mobile and desktop apps, web servers, games, and so much more. It is easy to use, simple to learn and tested as well as used by millions of developers every day for free of cost.
  2. C++:- It is a compiled language serving general purposes and A better replacement for “C” language which is OOPs based. Created in 1980, It is primarily used for OS(operating systems), browsers, libraries and graphics because of its speed. Banking applications such as Infosys Finacle uses C++ as the backend programming language because of its low latency support and the power of processing several hundreds of transactions on a regular basis.
  3. Python:- “Futuristic” and “elegant,” as quoted by the developer’s community; this language was released in 1991. Becoming a replacement for the legend of the language “Java” because of its smaller programs. Python’s versatility is difficult to match and it is even said to be boosting productivity because of its experimentative nature. Best used for creating complex GUI screens, machine learning, web scraping, multimedia, scientific computing, AI research and much more.

Benefits of Learning Coding for Students

To keep up with innovations of the present and to be aware of creations in the future it is essential to have a knowledge of “computer programming” just as much as it is important to have a knowledge of the global language “English.” In the era of “Internet” it is a highly demanded skill to be able write programmes for various platforms such as websites, apps and data science which can help you steer your professional career into the future. 

Let’s learn about the benefits one by one :

  1. Freedom of choice 

Computer programming can make you your own boss and statistics says that most of freelancers are programmers because of the flexibility it provides. Most developers and programmers get bombarded with job offers because of the nature of this profession. You can code from anywhere and anytime all that you need is a laptop and an internet connection. 

  1. Money

“Payscale” states that the average salary for a computer programmer in India is Rs.486819. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the tech industry, which is growing exponentially. The digital world demands more programmers now more than ever. If you want to have a stable income job with lots of opportunities, then “coding” is for you.

  1. Analytical and logical skills

Breaking down the problem into pieces and then solving is the core of what computer programming is all about. It does not just work that you have to do in a certain way; there is a lot of scope for innovation and problem-solving. As Steve Jobs has said, “Computers are equivalent of bicycles for our minds”

  1. Futuristic

We are all too aware of this constantly growing and widely expanding tech industry and with this growth the infinite opportunities for a programmer. The knowledge of building websites and learning algorithms is gonna make an exceptional impression on your resume which will open your door to jobs such as data analysis, data scientist, front-end or back-end developer and any industry having a digital presence.

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