Online Coding Classes for Kids and Teens by Experts

Due to rapidly developing technology, the world has become digital and advanced. Programming has become an essential skill not only for adults but also for kids. We have curated special online coding programs for kids and teens which are:

  • Easy to understand and fun to learn. Live training with experts in the field.
  • Basic coding programs such as C, Python, and C++ with the certificate after completion for kids and teens.
  • Video tutorials that help them to clear the concept.
  • One on One teaching method that offers complete attention to your kid’s learning.

As a parent, you always want your child to have a bright future. This will happen only when you equip them with future skills.

List of Online Coding Classes for Kids and Teens

C Programming for Kids

C Programming is a basic foundation for other programs like Python, C++, and Java. If your kid likes programming, game development, or anything about computers, so they must acquit themselves with C programming.

The concepts taught in C Programming such as variables, operators, loops, etc. are basic concepts for Java, Python, C++, and .Net. Understanding the importance of programming, the Newtum team has designed a video course for kids and teens called “C Programming for Kids. This course gives a basic understanding of concepts in a fun learning way.

Which age children can learn C Programming?

  • Any kid or teenager between an age of 8-18 years can get enrolled in this course on C Programming for Kids.
  • For kids under the age of 8- 15 years, we recommend parents to help them with basic installation.
  • C. Programming is a must-learn course in Online Coding for kids and teens.

Python for Kids

Python is required to develop traditional web database applications to futuristic applications like AI, IoT, and Ml. It is suitable for beginners in coding as it is easy to learn coding program. Considering this, The Newtum has added the course “Python Programming for Kids“.  Why should kids learn Python? The reasons are mentioned below:

  • Improve kids’ ability of critical and logical thinking.
  • Help them to strengthen their academic performance.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills and boost confidence.

Which age children can learn Python Programming?

Any kid or teenager between the age of 8-14 years can take this course. Even student in 9th -12th grade who has python in the school curriculum can also enroll in this course of C Programming for Kids.

C++ Programming for kids

C++ is a high-power general-purpose programming language, which is used to develop browsers, games, operation systems, applications, software engineering, and more. To tackle real-life challenges in coding, The Newtum offers one-course “Complete C++ Programming for kids“. This course provides an in-depth understanding of Oops and structure programming in kids and teens. The course provides One teacher, one student method of teaching, and experienced IT faculty, who are trained to teach kids in fun and easy way.  Why should children learn C++?

  • The concept of Oops help to know how to create real-life application along with the reusability of code.
  • It develops problem-solving skills, and logical and reasoning skills in kids.

Which age children can learn C++ Programming?

  • Children who fall under 12-18 years of age can get enrolled in this course on C++ Programming for Kids.
  • All above-mentioned courses are provided with certificates after completion. As they are specially designed for kids and teens, the skill level is according to beginners and available in simple English.
  • We hope this article provides you with relevant and desired information about online coding for kids and teens.

You can check out our official website Newtum, for more information about various high-end, technical courses enriched with advanced technology.


1. How does coding help my child?

Ans- Coding improve many skills such as logical, problem-solving, critical thinking and reasoning skill. Learning coding also opens up many career opportunities for children in the future.

2. At what age kids should start learning coding?

Ans- We provide courses from age 8-18 years. A parent can check the age criteria from each course from the website. These even include Online Coding Classes for teens.

3. Does these coding courses offer one-to-one classes?

Ans- Yes for all the above-mentioned coding courses, we offer one teacher one student method.

4. What is the qualification of your faculties?

Ans- Each faculty have years of experience in the field and they are trained to teach kids and teens.

5. Does learning coding can be difficult for kids?

Ans- Definitely not, we design special online coding classes for kids. Which are easy to understand and fun in learning.

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