Setup Mining Pool for Cryptocurrency

Setup Mining Pool for Cryptocurrency
(Last Updated On: 22/05/2023)

This blog is part of the course on how to create your own Cryptocurrency. This blog contains all the commands to set up your mining pool for Cryptocurrency and does the mining.

Commands to setup Mining Pool for Cryptocurrency

Step 1: Clone the repository of the mining pool

git clone nomp

Step 2: Install NodeJs 5.10 using nvm

nvm install 5.10
nvm use 5.10

Step 3: Install NodeJs Package

cd nomp

npm install

Step 4: Install Redis Server

sudo apt-get install redis

Step 5: Run Mining Pool

node init.js

Run the Mining Pool in background

nohup node init.js & disown -h

# to check the log file
view nohup.out