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What can you do in 13 Minutes

Learning Programming has never been so easier. All it takes is just 13 minutes of your time daily to watch a web series on amazon prime. That’s all it will teach you the things to quick off your journey to becoming a software developer.

13 minutes, that’s not too much. You can become a developer if you spend 13 minutes on Amazon Prime or Learn Programming with Amazon Prime or Newtum in a fun and easy way.

“Before reading further please share this article with someone who wants to become a developer. If you don’t want to learn it, it can benefit some else. “

Wondering how this is possible, so here is the answer. A new web series is available on Amazon Prime which teaches programming in very simple and fun way.

The trailer of C Programming Web Series on Amazon Prime

As of August 2019, only season 1 is available and 2 more seasons will go live shortly.

Each season consists of 10 episodes. Each episode is 10-15 minutes, I am considering the average duration of 13 minutes.

What this Series Includes

Newtum team will be launching more series on different technologies like AI, Blockchain 3D Printing. As of now, only 1 Series is available that is C Programming.

Anyways if you want to learn any technology to become a software developer C Programming language is a must.

The first season of C Programming includes basic concepts like

  • Variables
  • Constants
  • If and Else Statements
  • Complex If and Else Statements
  • Nested If and else statements
  • For Loop
  • while Loop
  • Do while Loop
  • Switch Statement

The next two series will cover the remaining concepts of C programming.

How to Learn Programming using this Series

Series is divided into 10 Episodes each episode explaining different concepts of programming.

The best way will be to watch only 1 episode daily. Not more than that, please.

Invest 10-15 to daily to watch only one episode, then practice as per the instructions in the series.

C Programming - What exactly it is

If you want help with the content or material or Source Code or Tools you can always refer the following URL: Study material to learn C Programming

Where I can find this series to Learn Programming

This web series is available on Amazon Prime in specific countries for other countries people will have to use to watch the series.

Newtum C Programming Series in the United States

To watch the Newtum’s C Programming series on Amazon prime in the United States you can refer the following URL:

Newtum C Programming Series in the United Kingdom

To watch the Newtum’s C Programming series on Amazon prime in the United Kingdom you can refer the following URL:

Newtum C Programming Series – Rest of the world other than the United States and the United Kingdom

Please login to please refer this URL:

Who should watch this C Programming Series

Well, there is no age for learning. So anyone can watch this programming series and can a taste of the computer world.

But if you want to a specific answer, below people should learn C Programming that’s why they should watch this Programming Series.

  • 10+2 students who have just passed their exams and looking for admission into courses like Computer Science or any other branch of engineering. Because in today’s world every field of work requires knowledge of the computer.
  • Final year students who are preparing for a campus interview or off-campus interview. In most of the software related posting they will be asked a question on C Programming or at-least basic concepts of C Programming. They will definitely get an edge over a competitor if they have the sound knowledge of C Programming.
  • Children are being taught computers in Schools. If you want your kid to understand the C programming concept in detail then you need to do the right thing. Ask them to watch this series at least for 10 minutes daily on amazon prime.

Why this C Programming on Amazon Prime series is special

First of all, like most of the other programming series and online tutorials, it doesn’t waste your time. In fact, it makes the best use of your time.

Second most important the content is nicely written so that even students, children and newbies can understand it very well.

The content creator has extensively used the latest Video editing and animation technology, it makes learning so easy and fun. Words are converted into real-life example animation.

Viewers can correlate their real-life experience and connect them to what actors are saying. That’s really great and every tutorial must use that. But that’s rarely the scenario

Why everyone should learn C Programming

It’s is the best language to understand basic concepts of programming like Constants, Variables, If and Else, Loops, Pointers, Array, Structure and many more.

No operating system, cryptocurrency, audio, and video drivers can be a developer without using C language concepts.

It’s the Base and King of all the language. See how?

It’s a base because take any other programming language in the world, they will use the basic concepts which are best explained in C and no other language.

No other language can develop core drivers, system components like C Language can do. But all the other languages require drivers, system components to run. So I am saying C is the king of all the languages.

The third and most important reason if you go to any institute to learn Java, Python or maybe Mobile and Web Development, they will ask you do you know C Programming. If your answer is no, they will ask you to take a crash course on the same, it may be free or paid. But C Programming cannot be learned in a quick course believe me.

You wonder what is C Programming. Here is the answer

C was developed at At & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. 

C Programming is a structural programming language used for System drivers and components development. Every operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac uses C Programming language to develop drives and components.

It’s is the best language to learn to understand basic concepts of programming like Constants, Variables, If and Else, Loops, Pointers, Array, Structure and many more. 

It’s proven that people who go for courses like Java, C++, and .Net without learning C find it difficult to understand the advanced programming languages.

Please please spread this article so that someone who really needs to learn to program will find this and will take his course of action. Not for you but think of benefits to others. Happy learning to all of you.

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