Python Programming Exercises, Practice and Solutions

Python Programming Exercises, Practice and Solutions
(Last Updated On: 21/01/2022)

Python Practice Series is a playlist where a new session of python is added every Saturday. Each session contains an explanation of simple to complex problems with detail explanation of source code and logic.

Till Today total Video Session = 12 sessions on Python(But Don’t worry Count is increasing every Saturday). These sessions are just focused on practice.

“There is no shortcut to practice”. “Knowledge is of no use unless put into practice”. There are many slogans telling the importance of practice. The practice is equally important in fact much more important in Computer Programming. And hence we bring this Python Practice Series for you.

“Hey and don’t worry though it is premium it’s 100% free for everyone.”

So what is Exactly Python Practice Series?

Learning python is not just good enough, practising python is much more important.

  1. Practising python helps the student to understand the concepts in-depth.
  2. For senior professional pythons, practice helps to understand tips and tricks for python required in advance software development.

Understanding the importance of python practice, Newtum has come up with a unique way to help everyone. We have started a new Premium Python Practice Series.

It’s premium because of two reasons

  1. Content is created by a 15 Years of experience teaching professional (Mrs Varada Gangamwar) and delivered by 10 years of experience developer and Founder of 2 companies Mr Shailendra Bramhvanshi).
  2. VFX team, story writing team, Core Developers make the video content easy to understand from freshers to experience python developers.

List of Python Practice Series. Updated Every Saturday With New Examples/Sessions/Videos

Sr. No.

Python Practice Series Session Details




Maximum and Minimum of 3 Numbers in Python


Simple Calculator in Python – Method 1


Simple Caluator in Python using Eval – Method 2


Converting temperature in degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit using Python


Program to find out the roots of the quadratic equation in Python Programming


Factorial of the Number in Python – 3 Different Ways


Check whether the number is a palindrome or not with a Python Program


Write a program to Check an Armstrong Number in Python


Swapping of Two Numbers in Python


Print a Fibonacci Series in Python


GCD of Two Numbers in Python


GCD and LCM of two Numbers


Leap Year or Not, Check in Python


Program to Check a Prime Number in Python


Star Pattern in Python using Loops


Printing Number Patterns in Python


Multiplication table in python


Alphabet Pattern Programs in Python


Factors of a number in python


Count Vowels in a string python


Count Alphabets in a String


Pascal triangle in python


Decimal to Binary Conversion in Python


Binary to Decimal Conversion in Python

What we will practice in Next Saturday

Example in this practice series starts from the smallest concept like swapping of number or finding max from a set of numbers. But it will also include high-end examples like playing computer games with your hand in stead of mouse or keyboard.

Reading Article from newspaper and storing the same in database. Reading all the data from Paper Invoice and storing that in computer. Application of AI,Machine Learning are indefinite. And python is the tool

Do I need to know Python to understand this Python Series?

Sorry but the answer is yes. This practice series is meant for people who have at least basic knowledge of python. Or experience professionals who want to explore possibilities in python.

So if you don’t have any knowledge of python then this price series will be really difficult for you.

But don’t worry we have a solution. We have designed an ultimate course that includes each and every concept of python. From Basic, Variable Declaration to advance AI and ML tool. We have included Everything in the course. Want to have look. Click here for Python Online Course

If this example of the practice is not enough !!!

Well we have resource constraints and we can put up a detail practice nicely video every Saturday. But we get queries for more and more video.

Student/Professionals who want to practice on their own can refer to additional exercise list for python. Here is the link.